Wazuka Tea Farmers' Gyokuro Special

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In collaboration with our fellow peers in Wazuka Town, we are excited to present you with this very bundle: Wazuka Tea Farmers Gyokuro Special.

Our Young Farmers' project is part of d:matcha's long term vision to revitalise and rejuvenate tea farming in Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture. By selecting only the youngest tea shoots, gyokuro is known for its strong umami taste. Furthermore, it is a requirement for the young shoots to be indirectly shaded with the use of a tana (shelf).

This collaboration thus allows us to showcase the versatility of Wazuka Town's tea and tradition.

You will receive the following: Gyokuro gokou, gyokuro asahi, and gyokuro tenmyo.

Please note:

  • Each variation weighs 40g (ten servings) and is packed in a resealable bag.
  • Each serving can be brewed up to three times using different water temperatures.


Cultivated variety: Gokou
Grown by: d:matcha Kyoto
Shading period: 23 days
Flavour profile: This cultivated variety is unique to Kyoto Prefecture and is often characterised by its unique aroma. The well-balanced scent is further emphasised by the brew’s strong umami taste. This flavour profile is definitely something you will not tire of. Gokou is also known to be resistant to the cold and pests, which makes it extremely suited for Wazuka Town’s climate.

Cultivated variety: Asahi
Grown by: Koudai Hata
Shading period: 24 days
Flavour profile: This cultivated variety is also unique to Kyoto Prefecture. The flavour profile is overall extremely gentle. Let the delicate notes of the brew take you on a new journey.

Cultivated variety: Tenmyo
Grown by: Koudai Hata
Shading period: 24 days
Flavour profile: Developed as a Kyoto cultivated variety in 2021, this brew has a strong umami taste that is sweet and gentle at the same time. This cultivar, which was developed from samidori, has also been produced for the production of tencha.


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