Japanese green tea production in Wazuka, Kyoto

In Kyoto, the production amount of the high grade green tea is biggest in Japan. 

Shizuoka (middle part of Japan) and Kagoshima (south part of Japan) has much bigger production amount of Japanese green tea overall.  However, regarding with the higher grade, it is a completely different story. 

We call the high grade as "Oui-cha" (meaning covered tea) . Oui-cha includes Gyokuro, Kabuse-cha and matcha. 

Why we cover the tea trees? 


In Kyoto, Wazuka-cho has the biggest production site of Japanese green tea.  Cultivation area in Wazuka is around 600ha which is twice bigger than the second largest site, Minamiyamashiro.  The # of farmers in Wazuka is over 300 which is also twice more than Ujidawara. 

AS you see the data above, Wazuka-cho is the biggest production site for the high grade Japanese green tea. If you visit Wazuka-cho, you can enjoy the wide variety of high grade sen-cha, matcha and other kinds of tea. Also you can enjoy the wonderful view of tea farm. Tea tree is an evergreen plant, so you can enjoy the sight anytime. 

The last picture is Kamatsuka-yama which is registered as the first heritage of view by Kyoto prefecture. Kamatsuka-yama locates in front of d:matcha Cafe&Kitchen. 

Please visit us and enjoy the wonderful view with the best Japanese green tea. Cheers. 

d:matcha Kyoto Cafe & Kitchen 

17 Kyomachi Kamatsuka Wazuka-cho Souraku-gun Kyoto-fu Japan 


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Japanese green tea production in Wazuka, Kyoto - d:matcha Kyoto