FAQ's - public transportation to Wazuka & winter-time views

Over the last few months, a couple questions have come up repeatedly over email, the phone, and in person. In case you are wondering the same thing, we thought we’d use this blog to provide some answers.

Can I get to d:matcha’s Cafe and tours via public transportation?

Yes, we are accessible by public transportation. This is one time when Google Maps is not your best option because it does not contain the local bus route or times. Apple Maps does so, if you have an Apple device, this is one time I would suggest using that app instead of Google Maps. You can find detailed directions and the full bus schedule on our website so I will just add a few other tips for finding your way.

- The #66 bus is the only one that leaves from the west side of Kamo Station so it is fairly easy to find. As soon as you come down the stairs, turn right and you will find the bus stop right there.

- You pay for the bus ride when you get off the bus, not when you get on. Enter the bus through the back door and take a ticket from the ticket machine. If you are using an IC Card, tap that card on the sensor above the ticket slot. You can make change at the front of the bus before you pay but it can be helpful to have the correct change before boarding. (It costs 480 yen from Kamo Station to d:matcha Cafe.) You can find more information on riding the bus in Japan online.

- About half the buses used on the #66 route have an updated display that provides the names of the stops in romanized letters but the other half do not. A couple ways to be confident about the stop for our cafe:

1. Timing - from Kamo Station to the “Naka Wazuka” stop is 21 minutes.

2. Look for Lawson’s - there is only one Lawson’s convenience store in Wazuka so keep an eye out for it on the right side of the road. Our cafe is two stops after Lawson’s. You will see d:matcha Kyoto Cafe & Kitchen on the right side immediately before the bus stop.

- Press the stop button to indicate that you are interested in getting off the bus. Typically, the bus is fairly empty on this route so the bus driver will not stop unless otherwise indicated.

The bus stops along the road near our cafe are quite close together so don't worry if you get off the bus a stop or two early or you miss the stop. You can easily walk the short distance to our cafe.

Are Wazuka’s tea fields still green in the winter?

Yes, tea trees are an evergreen (deciduous) plant so they do not lose their leaves when the weather turns colder. In addition, many years ago, Wazuka had a significant cedar lumber industry. So, the dominant tree variety on the mountains around Wazuka is cedar, which is also a deciduous tree. As a result of this combination of tea fields and cedar groves, Wazuka retains its vibrant green landscape, no matter the season. Recent snowfall topped this greenery with a stunning coat of white that changes the view in dramatic ways for a few hours before the snow melts under the sun’s warm glow.

The cooler weather provides a nice temperature for exploring Wazuka without getting overheated. We would be happy to show you our favorite places and introduce you to distinct varieties of Japanese green teas through our tours and tea tastings. It's a great time of the year to do some hiking in Wazuka!

If you have any other questions as you plan a visit to Wazuka, please don’t hesitate to email us: info@dmatcha.com

FAQ's - public transportation to Wazuka & winter-time views - d:matcha Kyoto