Yuzamashi (Bondi Blue)

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Please note the cost stated is per piece and since this item is handmade, only one product is available.

yuzamashi is a specially crafted ceramic that is used to cool boiled water during tea ceremonies. This is especially handy when preparing the first brew of sencha using premium Japanese green tea leaves.

Alternatively, you may use this yuzumashi to prepare matcha. The whisked matcha can then be easily poured into another cup for serving or to be used for other presentation purposes.

We were charmed by the cool unique design of this yuzumashi and hope that you will be too.


Shigaraki, Japan

Pottery is often the craft of choice for tea farmers during winter, as the nature of this season brings field work to a lull.

Take a fifteen minute drive from d:matcha Kyoto's organic tea fields in the Yubune Region of Wazuka Town to reach the Shigaraki area. The kilns in this area are considered one of the Six Ancient Kilns in Japan. While famous Shigaraki-ware includes tanuki figurines, this area has a long-standing history in local pottery traditions.

The use of Shigariki-ware in tea ceremonies was normalised after tea master Murata Juko instructed for these items to be used. The natural characteristics of Shigaraki-made teaware poignantly reflected the wabi-sabi aesthetics and principles of sado.


Additional Information

  • 14cm x 5.5cm | Width x Depth
  • The capacity of this cup is 330ml.