Tea Cup (Black & Red)

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【Tea Cup - Black & Red】

Black and Red Born from the Earth

A tea bowl that harmoniously combines the substantial Japanese aesthetic of Shigaraki Ware with wine-red patterns. Its larger size, reminiscent of a tea cup, makes it suitable for brewing sencha, hojicha, Japanese black tea, flavored teas, and more.

Size: Diameter 9.3 cm, Height 7 cm, 250 ml (As handmade products, sizes, colors, patterns, etc., may vary slightly.)


About Shigaraki Ware:

- Shigaraki Ware is one of the Six Ancient Kilns (the oldest pottery production areas in Japan) with a history of over 750 years.

- It is located in an area with high-quality clay produced from the volume of soil from Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, which was formed approximately 400,000 years ago. These geological features make it an ideal place for pottery production.

- Shigaraki Ware is known for its rustic and warm appearance.


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