Special matcha ware set / shipping free (a hand-painted matcha bowl, whisk, whisk stand, scoop)

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¥22,000 ¥24,000

A limited edition, special set of matcha utensils for Christmas

This set includes a hand-painted Kyoto-style matcha bowl, tea whisk, tea whisk holder, and tea scoop. Due to the limited availability of the matcha bowl, it is being sold in limited quantities.


1. Hand-Painted Kyoto-Style Matcha Bowl

A special matcha bowl hand-painted by traditional craftsman Mr. Akira Shimizu. Born in Kyoto, Mr. Shimizu is 66 years old and an artist specializing in traditional coloring techniques within Kyoto ceramics, known as Kyoto ware.

Choice of 2 Floral Patterns

  • Please choose between two floral patterns: cherry blossom or plum blossom.
  • Plum blossom symbolizes Japan's winter to early spring, another traditional motif.
  • Cherry blossom represents Japan's spring, a traditional motif.


2.Takayama Tea Whisk -standard size-

This tea whisk is made by the prestigious Takayama family, known for generations for their exceptional craftsmanship in producing tea whisks.

The current head is the 25th generation, Mr. Sagen. He continues to support the tradition of Japanese tea whisk making. More Information

3. Tea Whisk Stand

An ideal stand to maintain the shape of your tea whisk. After washing the whisk, placing it in this stand to dry helps preserve its shape and functionality for a longer period.

4. Tea Scoop

This bamboo-made tea scoop is crafted by Takayama. When preparing a bowl of matcha, please use two scoops of matcha powder with this scoop.

For more details on the products, please see here.


Product Contents:

  • Hand-painted matcha bowl × 1, Takayama tea whisk × 1, Tea whisk stand × 1, Tea scoop × 1
  • Free shipping.
  • Matcha is not included in this product. If you desire matcha, please place an order from here.