Wazuka Young Tea Farmers Comparison Set

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Cultivated variety: Yabukita
Shading period: N/A

We collaborated with our peers in Wazuka Town to bring you the first of its kind: Wazuka Young Tea Farmers Comparison Sencha Set.

Each set will include tea from these young tea farmers from Wazuka Town:

  • d:matcha Kyoto
  • Yohei Tanaka | 田中洋平
  • Hata Koudai | 畑広大
  • Hayashi Yoshito | 林嘉人
  • Chiharu Morimoto | 森本千春

There are approximately 260 tea farmers in Wazuka Town, but the average age of these farmers are over 65 years old. The number of abandoned farming land is also visibly increasing year by year. Tea plantations lose their vigour when left unmaintained and we hope to reduce that.

We hope that through this project we are able to attract new customers young or old, from every corner of the globe, and boost their appreciation for Japanese tea.

Read more about our Wazuka Town Young Tea Farmers initiative here.


Additional production information:

  • 12 g / 0.42 oz of each sencha or (60 g / 2.12 oz in total)
  • Each serving can be brewed up to three times using different water temperatures.