Premium Product: Vegan Tea Biscuits

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[Watch how the biscuits were made here!]

Made from plant-derived ingredients, introducing our Vegan Tea Biscuits!

The idea behind these biscuits was inspired by requests from customers for お土産 (omiyage) or local speciality souvenirs that could be shared with their loved ones who ascribe to specific dietary-restrictions. 

We spent a dedicated amount of time and research to ensure that the final product was delicious and delectable.

The tea and brown rice used in these products are organic and cultivated by d:matcha Kyoto. In the production process we also decided to use a reduced amount of sugar.

The result is a satisfying delicious healthy treat that can be enjoyed any season, any time of the day.


  • Matcha with crushed walnuts: The astringency of our matcha is well complimented by the refreshing tanginess of the walnuts.
  • Sencha with rolled tea leaves: Experience a burst of flavour with this artfully crafted double combination of Japanese green tea.
  • Houjicha with ginger: Modelled after our well-loved blended tea, this biscuit highlights all the key points of the delicious brew.
  • Genmaicha with roasted brown rice crisps: Made purely with ingredients sourced and cultivated in Wazuka Town, the rice crisps provide that extra satisfying crunch. 

Ingredients information

Main ingredients: Brown rice flour, almond powder, brown sugar, soy milk, and rice oil.

Additional ingredients: Matcha, sencha powder, houjicha powder, genmaicha powder, walnuts, sencha, ground ginger, and genmaicha

Please note that for those with specific allergens, all the biscuits were baked and packed in the same location.


Additional information

  • Each box comes with 16 biscuits, four of each flavour.
  • Shelf life: 30 days from the date of manufacture when stored at room temperature
  • Allergens: Walnuts and almond