Ultimate Matcha Bundle Pack (20g×8bags)

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Embark on the ultimate matcha journey with this bundle pack.

Discover eight different cultivated varieties (cultivars) of Japanese green tea. All of these varieties were grown and processed in Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture.

The creation of this bundle also provided us with the invaluable opportunity of working together with other young tea farmers in Wazuka Town.

Each bundle includes the following:

  • Matcha Samidori
  • Matcha Okumidori
  • Matcha Gokou
  • Matcha Yabukita
  • Matcha Sayamakaori
  • Matcha Kanayamidori
  • Matcha Asanoka
  • Matcha Tenmyo

Please note that each pack weighs approximately 20g or ten servings.


  • Learn how to brew matcha with our d:matcha tutorial here.
  • Read and understand more about each tea cultivar here.