Shaded Sencha Comparison Set (shaded 0, 14, 25 days)

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 What is shading cultivation?

Cover cultivation is to shade the tea leaves with a black fabric sheet before harvesting. This blocks sunlight and is mainly used for matcha and premium sencha.

The longer leaves are shaded, the more tasty and seaweed-like aroma you can enjoy.

Would you like to try and enjoy tea with different shaded days?

This set is enjoyable even at home!

This bundle set includes

1 Sencha Okumidori covered 0 days ×1

2 Sencha Okumidori covered 14 days ×1

3 Sencha Okumidori covered 25 days ×1

1 Sencha Okumidori shaded 0 days(not shaded)

Tea that is not covered at all is more enjoyable when it comes to the original aroma of the tea itself. 

※For customers who want to enjoy the original cultivar aroma instead of strong umami taste might like tea that is not shaded at all.


2 Sencha Okumidori shaded 14 days

When shaded for almost two weeks, the tea has more amino-acids which have a strong Umami taste than non-shaded tea. We recommend this tea for everyone who likes mellow tasty tea.

3 Sencha Okumidori shaded 25 days

Extremely rare sencha shaded for 25 days

Seaweed like aroma makes the tea have a unique taste and is very sweet and not bitter at all. Boiling water can usually turn green tea bitter, but this tea is still not bitter with boiling water.

Sencha drinking comparison set with 3 different shaded days.