Premium Matcha Chocolate Set - 9 Tea Cultivars

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A luxurious matcha chocolate set that is packed with 24% matcha chocolate made from nine different tea cultivars. As everything is done in-house at our office in Wazuka Town, we were able to produce this new unique approach to matcha tasting just for you.

In Japan there are approximately more than a 100 cultivated varieties of tea. We specially selected these nine tea cultivars for their unique and delicious characteristics. With each bite you will get to savour the fine and rich taste of matcha that was harvested from Wazuka Town during the first flush of the year.

Matcha flavours included in the box: Yabukita, Gokou, Asanoka, Samidori, Sayamakaori, Okumidori, Asahi, Kanayamidori, and Tenmyo.

Each piece of chocolate was handcrafted using 24% of pure matcha powder, which is equivalent to a drinking cup of matcha.


About the nine tea cultivars:

  • Yabukita - The most commonly found cultivated tea variety in Japan. Approximately 75% of the tea fields in Japan are of this cultivar.
  • Gokou - Unique to the Kyoto Region, this cultivar is well known for its luxurious taste; specifically gokou's strong umami and delicious aroma.
  • Asanoka - Discovered in Kagoshima, this cultivar has a high amino acid content that is prominent in its refreshing aroma.
  • Samidori - One of Kyoto Region's shining cultivars, samidori is well-known for its good flavour and umami.
  • Sayamakaori - A cultivar originally from Sayama City in Saitama Prefecture, sayamakaori is known for its strong astringency and high-levels of catechins.
  • Okumidori - Native to Shizuoka, okumidori has a vibrant green colour and a refreshing aroma that reflects its pesticide-free cultivation.
  • Asahi - Specifically cultivated for the production of matcha in Kyoto Prefecture, this cultivar is often used for the tea ceremonies.
  • Kanayamidori - This tea cultivar has a unique scent that is often described as milky or similar to freshly cut grass.
  • Tenmyo - Also from Kyoto Prefecture, this cultivar is often used for the production of matcha and gyokuro as it develops a beautiful aroma when shaded.

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Additional Information

- Shelf life: Six months from the date of manufacture
- Please consume immediately after opening
- Allergens: Dairy-based ingredients and soybeans
- Read more about with d:matcha's Tea Cultivar Dictionary.