[Wazuka Special] Naminami Matcha Sand

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Please note that the cost stated is for per sand. 

Using a blend of quality in-house produced matcha, our Naminami Matcha Sand is a fusion of Japanese and Western confectionery made to reflect the beauty of Wazuka Town's green tea fields.

This type of treat is also famous for being the ideal omiyage (local souvenirs bought when travelling) from Kyoto Prefecture.

Bring the best of Wazuka Japanese tea from Kyoto right to your doorstep and share the joy with your loved ones today.


Rolling green tea fields: Naminami is etymologically derived from the Japanese word 波 ("nami") and translates to "wave". The shape of each sand is meant to reflect the rolling green tea fields that look like waves when viewed from a distance. (Pictured are our wavy tea fields in the Somada region of Wazuka Town)

Delicious rich matcha filling: The soft rich matcha cream sandwiched between the two layers was specially made just for this product. The result is a crunchy texture that fuses with the matcha cream effortlessly and melts in your mouth with each bite.

Did you know that referring to cookies as "sand" is unique to Japanese culture. The term "sand" comes from "sando", which is the Japanese pronunciation of sandwich. 



Additional information:

  • Shelf life: 60 days from the date of manufacture when stored at room temperature.
  • Allergens: Egg, wheat, milk, and soybean.