Hand-painted tea cup from Souraku Welfare Foundation

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【For our Inclusive Society】

This tea cup is handmade at the Souraku Welfare Workshop for people with physical disabilities. Soraku Welfare Foundation is Located about 40-minute drive from d:matcha store, it has been operating under the objective of providing a place for them to work together regardless of any difficulties or differences they might have. 

One of our missions is to contribute to an inclusive society where everyone can live happily irrespective of disability.

【Gentle Spots called 鹿背焼きKase-yaki】

The pinkish-red spots overlapping the white spots found throughout the bowl are called "鹿背焼きKaseyaki," resembling the patterns on a fawn's back. Kase yaki is a traditional pottery pattern which requires a complex technique. 

【Hand-painted tea cup for Sencha green tea】

Delicate small flowers, hand-painted with a fine brush, add a charming accent. They lead your tea time into a relaxing moment. It also makes a perfect gift. 

It is the perfect size to comfortably hold in one hand and enjoy plenty of green tea.

Size: Diameter 8cm, Height 6cm, Capacity 150ml (Since it is a handmade product, sizes, colors, and patterns may vary slightly between products.)

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