d:matcha Christmas Set 2023

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¥14,000 ¥17,380

A limited edition, special set of matcha utensils for Christmas

With our 2023 Christmas Set you have our new products and d:matcha staff's personal favorites in one complete set for you to share with your loved ones.

In the 2023 Christmas Set:

1 Organic matcha (Okumidori and Gokou)

We offer two popular organic matcha varieties from d:matcha: Okumidori and Gokou.

Matcha Okumidori : Features a smooth, easy-to-drink flavor with minimal bitterness.
Matcha Gokou : Delivers a robust and rich taste.

2 Organic sencha (Yabukita and Okumidori)

Yabukita, Okumidori and Gokou are the two most popular sencha in d:matcha. They all taste very different so drink comparison is enjoyable!

Sencha Yabukita: Refreshing aroma with bitter taste
Sencha Okumidori: Smooth and creamy and well balanced

3 [New] Vegan matcha chocolate

This year, we've focused on vegan products and developed Vegan Matcha Chocolate!

Experience a gentle sweetness and three different intensities of matcha. As it's dairy-free, you'll enjoy a stronger matcha flavor. More information

Note: Vegan chocolate isn't suitable for shipping to regions with temperatures exceeding 23°C. Please refrain from ordering in such areas as we cannot take responsibility for melted chocolate. 

4 [New] Vegan rice doughnuts set

Our new Vegan Rice Doughnuts are made without wheat and baked in the oven without oil.This healthy doughnut set includes two pieces each of matcha and houjicha flavors.
More Information

5 Yuzu sencha

Yuzu is a winter fruit in Japan. Be refreshed by its refreshing citrus fragrance. We've meticulously blended dried yuzu and sencha tea. More information

6 Yuzu cookies

Yuzu is winter fruits in Japan. We make this Yuzu cookies in the kitchen so you experience the sweet aroma and taste of yuzu in every bite.

7. Matcha solid perfume 

Enjoy a subtle fragrance of tea in this solid perfume. For more details, please see here.


8.Matcha lip balm

This lip balm is made from 100% natural ingredients and is gentle on the skin. For more details, please see here.

9. Kaishi paper "懐紙” 

For customers who bought our Christmas set we will serve Kaishi as a gift!

Kaishi is a set of Japanese paper that is used as a kind of napkin in Sado (Japanese tea ceremony). Our Kaishi has a tea field illustrated and they can be used for taking notes also.

Additional information

Shelf life (at room temperature) and Allergy information

  • Vegan matcha chocolate: 60 days (Allergens: cashew)
  • Vegan rice doughnuts: 60 days (Allergens: soy, almond, walnut and cashew)
  • Matcha Chocolate bar with Yuzu: 60 days (Allergens: milk and soy)
  • Yuzu cookies: 90 days (Allergens: Wheat and almond)
  • Tea: 12 months (No Allergens)

  • matcha (20g x 2bags)
  • Sencha (40g x 2bags)
  • Yuzu sencha (10teabags)
  • Vegan matcha chocolates (3 pieces)
  • Vegan rice doughnuts (4 pieces)
  • Yuzu cookies (8 pieces)
  • Solid perfume (1)
  • Lip balm (1)
  • Kaishi (15 sheets)