Complete Sencha Tea Ware Set (Handmade from Shigaraki)

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Please note the cost stated is for the entire set pictured.

Handmade in the Shigaraki Town of Japan, the nature of the clay in this area gives the tea wear an accent that is distinct of Shigaraki-yaki. While the black spots that you may see in wear are traces of iron. This makes each piece truly unique.

With this complete set you will be able to brew sencha for your guests effortlessly. 

Included in the set are:

  • Kyusu (HxW: 5cm x 8cm)
  • Yuzumashi (HxW: 3.2 cm x 8.5cm)
  • Tea cups - 5 (HxW: 3cm by 5cm)

 Watch our tutorials on how to brew sencha here.


Shigaraki, Japan

Pottery is often the craft of choice for tea farmers during winter, as the nature of this season brings field work to a lull.

Take a fifteen minute drive from d:matcha Kyoto's organic tea fields in the Yubune Region of Wazuka Town to reach the Shigaraki area. The kilns in this area are considered one of the Six Ancient Kilns in Japan. While famous Shigaraki-ware includes tanuki figurines, this area has a long-standing history in local pottery traditions.

The use of Shigariki-ware in tea ceremonies was normalised after tea master Murata Juko instructed for these items to be used. The natural characteristics of Shigaraki-made teaware poignantly reflected the wabi-sabi aesthetics and principles of sado.


Additional Information

  • The shape of the tea cups are similar but they may be minor variations in terms of the height and colour patterns. As such there may be minute differences from the pieces we have in stock and those pictured.