Internship Program

Up till 2021 and prior to the height of the COVID-19 situation, d:matcha Kyoto has accepted more than 20 interns from all over the globe. Recently we have received numerous applications and while we are grateful for the interest in our company, due to our limited resources, we unfortunately are unable to accommodate everyone.

For 2023,we will accept the interns from mid of April to the mid of August. 

We would thus appreciate it if interested applicants could read the following to assess if they are good fit for d:matcha Kyotos’ internship programme. Interested participants should send us an email ( with the header "d:matcha Kyoto | Internship Application". In the email, please answer the questions below. 

  1. Introduction of yourself 
  2. Why you are interested in d:matcha?
  3. What is your future plan? 
  4. Which terms you plan to join the internship. 


Life as a d:matcha intern

  1. Assist with the day to day tasks at d:matcha Kyoto. This includes helping out with farm work, the cafe, preparation of products, and packing.
  2. Duration of internship: 14 days 
    • 2 days off a week 
    • food is not provided in the days off 
    • most interns visit and stay nights at Kyoto city, Osaka and Nara in the days off.  It takes around 80minutes (Kyoto city), 90 minutes (Osaka) and 40 minutes (Nara)

Yubune Accomodation:

Located in the Yubune region of Wazuka Town our accommodation was fully refurbished and renovated in 2022. Yubune has no public transportation and no supermarkets, so we d:matcha staff welcome you like a family. 



    1. Priority will be given to those who are interested in or have plans to start their own tea-related business in the future.
    2. Priority will also be given those who have skill sets that we are currently in need of.
    3. As we are a small knit team, respect for the d:matcha Kyoto staff and being able to abide by the rules are strict non-negotiable aspects of the internship.
    4. Please note that for those under the internship programme, a more hands-off approach will be adopted. Potential interns will also be required to assist with the workload as a means of earning their accommodation and meals.

    For applications who are interested in attaining a comprehensive tea education or an intensive experience, we would recommend d:matcha Kyoto’s Tea Business School. When you are enrolled with d:matcha as a student, you will receive a 100% commitment and support from the d:matcha Kyoto staff and Daiki Tanaka.