Ochazuke Set (2023 harvested rice + tea)

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We harvested rice in September 5th, 2023.
Produced with ingredients cultivated in front of our cafe, we are proud to bring you our special Ochazuke Set.

Heralded as the ultimate comfort food in Japan, お茶漬け or ochazuke is frequently enjoyed in households across the island. The name of the dish translates loosely to “rice steeped with Japanese tea” and is prepared as such. In addition to being affordable and healthy, this dish is extremely easy to whip up.

Ochazuke is said to have originated as far back as from the Heian period (795 - 1185). This dish is gentle on your digestive system and is said to be beneficial in soothing an upset stomach or as a cold remedy.

d:matcha Kyoto’s rice paddies are located in the Yubune region of Wazuka Town. Surrounded by lush tea fields and Wazuka river, the rice was also cultivated without the use of pesticide.

Watch how to make ochazuke here!


Each ochazuke set contains:

  • White rice / Brown rice (1kg), depending on availability
  • Genmaicha (100g)
  • Tencha (40g)


While our ochazuke is prepared uniquely with genmaicha, we would also recommend sencha as a supplementary option for a comprehensive experience.

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