d:matcha Christmas Set 2022 (Free shipping)

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¥20,000 ¥23,700

New Limited Christmas sets are coming up! 

With our 2022 Christmas Set you have all of d:matcha staff's personal favourites in one complete set for you to share with your loved ones. New products and free shipping are included!

In the 2022 Christmas Set:


1 [New] Selected Matcha bundle set 
-3 Kyoto cultivars; Gokou, Ujihikari and Asahi-

These three cultivars were born in Kyoto. They Gokou, Ujihikari and Asahi.

Most cultivars born in Kyoto are mostly created for matcha and gyokuro so they focus more on tastiness and sweetness instead of bitterness.
These are all single origin matcha. 
However these three have their own feature so please enjoy!

2 Selected Sencha bundle set

Yabukita, Okumidori and Gokou are the three most popular sencha sold in d:matcha. They all taste very different so drink comparison is enjoyable!

Sencha Yabukita: Refreshing aroma with bitter taste
Sencha Okumidori: Smooth and creamy and well balanced
Sencha Gokou: Strong Umami with an aroma like seaweed

3 [New] Limited Winter Special Vegan Biscuits

Our Vegan Biscuits made from rice flour will be brand new throughout the winter season only.
Along with Matcha, Sencha, Brown rice tea, and Roasted tea flavor, we are adding a purple yam flavor cookie decorated with snowflake frosting!
Purple yam is often used in Japanese sweets and it is plainly sweet without sugar.


4 [New] Ginger Houjicha Set - Energy Bar and Tea -

Also limited during the winter season, we will have Ginger Houjicha Energy Bars!
This energy bar is a little bit spicy thanks to ginger and is enjoyable with roasted tea.

Ginger houjicha is a mixed tea made with roasted green tea and dried ginger. A cup of ginger houjicha will warm your body especially in winter. (The tea includes 10 teabags in a bag.)

5 Matcha Chocolate Set

Matcha chocolate set is the top seller in our sweets category. To enjoy a wide range of tea-infused chocolates, we created small bites of chocolate containing 3%, 6%, 12%, 18%, and 24% matcha plus a houjicha (roasted green tea) variety. 

6 Yuzu cookies

Yuzu is winter fruits in Japan. We make this Yuzu cookies in the kitchen so you experience the sweet aroma and taste of yuzu in every bite.


7. Kaishi paper "懐紙” 

For customers who bought our Christmas set we will serve Kaishi as a gift!

Kaishi is a set of Japanese paper that is used as a kind of napkin in Sado (Japanese tea ceremony). Our Kaishi has a tea field illustrated and they can be used as taking notes also.

Additional information

  • Shelf life (at room temperature) and Allergy information
    Vegan Biscuits: 60 days (Allergens: Walnuts and almond)
    Energy bar: 90 days (Allergens: Wheat and almond)
    Chocolate: 90 days (Allergens: milk and soy)
    Yuzu cookies: 90 days (Allergens: Wheat and almond)
    Tea: 12 months (No Allergens)
  • Content
    Kyoto 3 culivars matcha bundle set (20g x 3bags)
    Sencha 3 cultivars bundle set (40g x 3bags)
    Ginger Houjicha Set (Energy bar: 60g, Tea:10teabags)
    Winter Special Vegan Tea Biscuits (45 pieces)
    Matcha Chocolate Set (9 pieces)
  • Yuzu cookies (8 pieces)
  • Kaishi (15 sheets)