[YouTube Collaboration] Matcha Galette Florentin & Matcha Tigre Financier Set

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(Each purchase comes in a set of four, two of Matcha Galette Florentin and two of matcha tigre.)

In a special collaboration with Japanese YouTuber Chocolate Cacao, new matcha sweets has created!
・Watch the Matcha Galette Florentin recipe on Chocolate Cacao's YouTube here.
・Watch the Matcha Tigre recipe on Chocolate Cacao's YouTube here.

Chocolate Cacao is a Japanese YouTuber who creates his original recipe using chocolate. Last year he created matcha tigre financier using our matcha and this year he came up with another recipe which is Matcha Galette Florentin.

Using only premium ingredients, this perfect treat was made entirely with Wazuka-grown tea and produced in Wazuka Town. 

1.Matcha Galette Florentin 

Galtte Florentin is a baked sweet made in France. It is known to be round, flat and crunchy. Galette means round and Florentin means Florence (Prosperous or the village of flowers) in French.

Mr. Chocolate Cacao used our matcha and baked a matcha dough base and topped it with almond, cacao nibs and pistachio and the entire Galatte Florentin is coated with thick matcha chocolate.

This takes a lot of time to create so this is a limited quantity sale.


2.Matcha tigre financier

Two matcha tigre variations were specially created for the 2022 project: one with a matcha chocolate coating and one without.

Tigre is a round baked confectionery that translates to "tiger" in French. Chocolate chip bits are kneaded into the dough so the pastry takes on the form of tiger stripes. The moist texture and luxurious aroma of burnt butter is then paired with a center filling of matcha chocolate. Our chocolate is made in-house and carefully tempered to perfection. 

To create the deep luxurious texture, in addition to d:matcha chocolate chips, we also added adzuki beans and honey. This taste is bound together by almond powder and our premium matcha that was harvested during the first flush of the year.

The finishing touch comes in the form of the center marble pattern that was hand-drawn with matcha chocolate. Each tigre is not only pleasing to look at but each bite is also bound to hit your sweet spot. 

About Chocolate Cacao:

Japanese YouTuber "Chocolate Cacao" is a chocolate craftsman who has garnered over 2.91 million subscribers for his artful and unique videos. He is also the author of "世界一ていねいに教える! チョコレートスイーツBOOK", which is a compilation of his best chocolate recipes. This is our second time collaboration with Chocolate Cacao, with the process of the recipe making being carefully managed over months. We hope that our unique spin on Japanese chocolate sweets satisfies your taste buds!

Watch our first matcha collaboration with Chocolate Cacao here.


Product details:

- Each Matcha Galette Florentin is approximately 7 cm in diameter and 1 cm in height.

- Each Matcha Tigre is approximately 6 cm in diameter and 2 cm in height.

- Each purchase is sold in a set of four, two Galette Florentins and two Tigres.

- Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control, the chocolate may melt during shipping, especially to locations with a warmer climate. No refunds can be provided in the event of such circumstances.

Please note: For customers ordering from outside of Japan, this item will be shipped without the box. If you are interested in purchasing it as a gift to be shipped within Japan, please contact us (info@dmatcha.com).

 Additional information:

- Shelf life: 60 days from the date of manufacture when stored at room temperature.
- Allergens: Egg, wheat, milk, almonds, dairy-based ingredients, and soybean.


Matcha Galette Florentin: butter, wheat, sugar, chocolate, sliced almond, starch syrup, egg yolk, honey, diced almond, pistachio, rum, cacao nibs, cacao butter, salt, baking powder/ emulsifier, food flavoring

Matcha tigre: butter, salted white egg, sugar, almond powder, chocolate, boiled red beans, wheat, chocolate chips, honey, matcha, cacao butter, baking powder emulsifier, food flavoring, processed starch, vitamin C, oligosaccharide, sorbitol