Recipe: American soft cookie

American soft cookie (Flavour: matcha)

A classic at d:matcha, our American soft cookies are well loved by our customers. We recommend baking these delectable treats using our matcha okumidori or matcha for confectionery!

List of Ingredients (Bakes approximately 10 cookies)

・ 100g - Unsalted butter

・ 50g - Granulated sugar

・100g - Johakuto sugar (Can be substituted with brown sugar)

・ 1ea/60g - Whole egg

・ 130g - Weak/soft flour (Can be substituted with medium flour)

・ 30g - Matcha

・1g - Baking powder (Optional)

・ 20g - Almond (Prepare extra for the topping)

・ 20g - White chocolate (Prepare extra for the topping)


① Roughly cut the almonds and white chocolate, set aside.

② Sift the cake flour, matcha and baking powder together.

③ Once the butter is at room temperature, mix it with the sugar until you get a white paste.

④ Add the egg into ③ and mix well.

⑤ Now add in the powder sifted in ② and the cut almonds/white chocolate from ① to ④. Mix well.

⑥ Separate the mixture into small circular disks on your baking pan. Each disk should weigh approximately 50g each. Please ensure to arrange the mixture evenly, with a sufficient amount of distance between each another.

⑦ Gently place the almonds and white chocolate into each disk. At d:matcha we usually top each cookie with three pieces of almond and white chocolate.

⑧ Bake at 165 degrees for 15 minutes. Ideally the oven should have been preheated to 180 degrees.

Recipe: American soft cookie - d:matcha Kyoto