Vegan Tea Biscuits (Beau-tea with d:matcha Kyoto)

Introducing our latest range of Vegan Tea Biscuits!

Made from five basic ingredients, our Vegan Tea Biscuits are our latest range of confectionery products. These special treats were also made with reduced sugar, so rest assured that you will be able to enjoy them on a daily basis.

Matcha with crushed walnuts | The astringency of our matcha is well complimented by the refreshing tanginess of the walnuts.

Sencha with rolled tea leaves | Experience a burst of flavour with this artfully crafted double combination of Japanese green tea.

Houjicha with ginger |  Modelled after our well-loved blended tea, this biscuit highlights all the key points of the delicious brew.

Genmaicha with roasted brown rice crisps | Made purely with ingredients sourced and cultivated in Wazuka Town, the rice crisps provide that extra satisfying crunch.


Try our Vegan Tea Biscuits today!


Please note:

  • The Vegan Tea Biscuits will be available from late-November 2021.
  • Allergens: Walnuts.
Vegan Tea Biscuits (Beau-tea with d:matcha Kyoto)