d:matcha Daily News - Yubune Field

Chisei Tanaka, d:matcha's Processing Lead, headed down to the Yubune fields to check on the progress of our Gokou and Yubune varieties prior to the first flush of the year. This field is special because all the tea grown here will be farmed organically. While organic farming may be considered by some to be more time consuming and difficult to tackle, we are excited to produce tasty sustainable tea for you.

More than anything, we would also like you to be a part of this exciting process! Read more about our newly launched Adopt A Tea Tree Programme here.

[We sincerely hope that everyone is staying safe during these trying times. Please know that the team is doing our best to ensure the working conditions are safe for our team members, customers, and of course the tea. Thank you for your continued support.]

d:matcha Daily News - Yubune Field - d:matcha Kyoto